how to disconnect car battery

Safely Disconnecting Your Car Battery: An Expert’s Guide

There may come a time when the battery needs to be disconnected. This may be because of a maintenance issue, replacing a dead battery, or simply becau...

car battery dead will it recharge itself

Can a Flat Car Battery Recharge Itself?

Is it possible for a flat car battery to miraculously recharge itself? Occasionally you may not be able to start your car.... but after waiting for a ...

car battery overcharging and hot

Car Battery Overcharging

Car Battery Overcharging is not a common battery problem but when it happens it can kill your battery within a matter of hours or a few days. It can a...


Can a Car Battery Die While Driving?

Your car can stall suddenly for several reasons, including fuel pump failure, shortage of fuel, over-heating, ignition coil faults, engine oil shortag...

A woman is trying to open the hood of her car.

Can Car Run without Battery?

In this blog post, we will explore the possibility of operating a vehicle without a battery and identify what kind of vehicles can be run without a battery. The goal is to provide readers with a better understanding of how to use alternative methods of powering a vehicle in the event of a battery failure.

A group of cars driving down a street with smoke coming out of them.

Is Idling an Effective Way to Charge Your Car Battery?

Idling refers to keeping a car running while not actively driving. This could mean turning on the engine and letting it run in a parking lot or leaving it running while waiting in a drive-thru line. It’s important to note that idling isn’t just turning on the ignition and letting the car sit—it means actually running the engine while stationary.

A man pushing a woman out of a white car.

Can a completely dead car battery be recharged?

A complete guide on whether a completely dead car battery can be recharged! While some models may be beyond saving due to age or other factors, many times car batteries just need some extra TLC in order to provide reliable power again.

The dashboard of a car with a battery indicator.

Why Is Your Car Battery Light On? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Introduction Is your car battery light on? Learn the reasons behind it and the crucial steps to prevent costly repairs....

A man looking at the hood of his car.

Five 5 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Car Battery Is Dying

Is Your Car Battery Dying? Don’t Ignore These 5 Signs! Discover the major signs of a dying car battery and learn how to prevent costly breakdowns. From slow engine starts to dimming lights, find out what to look for and take action now. Read more!

battery heat shield

What are the benefits of having a car battery heat shield.

A car battery heat shield is a device that helps to protect your car battery from extreme temperatures. Many cars with a battery installed in the engi...