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car battery green light

Car Battery Green Light

​​ The car battery green light is a small round window on top of automotive batteries, which changes color from green to black to white as the condi...

A pair of pliers on a piece of paper.

Why You Don’t Connect The Negative When Jumping a Car

​When jumping a car with jumper cables, you are usually told "don't connect the negative when jumping a car". Actually, you DO need to connect the n...

A man is working on a car battery.

How to Jump Start a Car With Jump Cables

Knowing how to jump start a car can get you out of a sticky situation. If you are stuck on a cold morning because of a dead car battery, this article ...

A car with a jumper cable in the hood.

8 Things That Can Kill Your Car Battery

This blog post will focus on eight common reasons that can cause a battery drain. Battery age, human error, loose connectors or corrosion, poor altern...

saving fuel

Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Your Car.

The price of a gallon of gas seems to increase day by day as oil import goes crazy all over the world. To reduce future fuel costs, fuel providers are

breaking into a car

Car battery stolen

Car battery theft is on the rise all over the world. It seems thieves have switched from stealing catalytic converters to stealing car batteries. A st...

15 plates battery

15 Plates Battery

​What does plates mean in battery? "Plates" refers to the number of internal lead plates within the cells of a battery. The larger the number of plate...

average lifespan of a car battery

How long does a car battery last?

​​​​Two primary factors affect how long a car battery lasts: temperature and alternator issues. Managing these two factors can eliminate most of the ...